How Do You Play Bid Euchre?

To play Bid Euchre, use a 24-card euchre deck or the 9 through Ace cards of a typical card deck. Each of the four players is dealt six cards. Each player bids on how many tricks he thinks he can take, and a trump suit is chosen. The first person to the left of the dealer begins the bidding or passes to the next player.

When someone makes the first bid, the next player’s bid has to be at least one bid higher than the person before him. If no bid is made and the players pass, the hand is forfeited. The next player in line now makes the next deal. Match play starts with the highest bidder placing the first card on the table. Each player has to add to the play with a card in the same suit unless he does not have one.

The team that played the highest card in the original suit wins the trick. The match continues with five more rounds like the first, except that the trick winner of the last play begins the round. Once all 24 cards are played, the match is scored. If any team or player earned the number of tricks bid at the beginning of the match, the team receives an extra point for each trick. If a team or player did not earn the number of tricks bid, the team loses points that equal the number of the bid.

Deal a new match hand, and continue play in the same manner as the first match. Determine a set number of points before the game begins, and play until a team or player reaches that number. Many games play to 50 points.