Why Is Plagiarism Bad?

Plagiarism is bad as it does not give the original author recognition for their work, it prevents the plagiarizing student from learning and it fraudulently deceives the person who is marking the work. In addition, plagiarism suggests that the student in question is of bad character as they are willing to lie about their work.

There are several ways plagiarizing is bad:

  • While learning, students need to develop skills and acquire their own knowledge. This means writing their own essays, and copying someone else’s work does not allow them to learn.
  • People who cheat may come across as dishonest to their employers. In addition, if they enter a field where someone relies on their knowledge for important reasons, such as becoming a doctor, they cannot honestly say that they possess the right knowledge to fulfill their role.
  • The original author works hard to produce their work. Copying it without giving credit is therefore disrespectful. In addition, other students work hard for their results. Students who do not do the same also disrespect their peers.
  • If the person marking the paper is unaware that the student did not write it themselves, they are being fraudulently deceived. The student therefore breaks their trust.
  • If a high proportion of students were to plagiarize, it would make academic outcomes worthless.