In What Places Can You Legally Dump Trash?

The locations in which residents can dump their trash legally is different for each city, county and state. Every county within a state has dumping locations where residents may dump their trash. Fees and schedules need to be checked with local locations, as noted by

The items accepted at these dump locations will also be different not only different from one county to another, but also from one location to the next. A location that accepts tires or furniture may not have areas for cardboard or glass, notes the City of Albuquerque website. If a resident is not sure of what the trash location accepts calling the local trash office or direct to the location is a good way to check this information.

Some counties require that residents pay a solid waste or trash disposal fee. Where these fees apply, a resident may need to be up to date on these fees in order to use the dump location. Proof of payment may be needed in order to enter the location along with photo ID. Acceptable proof would be a recent statement from the solid waste department. Most hazardous material or commercial items, like construction items, are not permitted in most public dumps.

There are some locations that will not have public dumps and will only offer various trash pickup services. Some of these are public and included in the taxes or waste fees paid regularly. Other types of these services have to be paid monthly by residents.