What Are Some Places to Buy Heggies Pizza?

Heggies pizza can be purchased at the Heggies Pizza factory store in Milaca, Minnesota. Heggies pizza is also available at bars, grocery stores and gas stations in Minnesota and neighboring states.

Heggies Pizza was founded in Mille Lacs, Minnesota, in 1989. As the business grew, sales expanded to gas stations and grocery stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. By 2012, Heggie’s was sold in Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. Heggies pizza is also available in Wisconsin, as of December 2015.

Heggies pizzas can also be purchased by nonprofit organizations who purchase the pizzas at a discount rate and then decide how much to charge as a fundraiser.

The owners of Heggies Pizza intentionally avoid providing information about where Heggies pizza is sold in order to add to the cult appeal. Information about store locations is not available on the Heggies Pizza website, HeggiesPizza.com, nor do the owners reveal that information in interviews.

Users on Chowhound.com report seeing Heggies pizza at Minnesota locations including Fresh Seasons grocery store in Minnetonka, Sage Market in Mendota Heights and Mike’s Butcher Shop in Saint Paul. Users also report seeing Heggies pizza at Tracy’s Saloon, Station 4, and Casey’s Bar and Grill, all in Minnesota neighborhoods.