Does Pima Cotton Shrink?

Thomas Abbs/CC-BY 2.0

Pima cotton shrinks 3 to 4 percent after washing. Manufacturers typically take this into account when producing bed linens. Pima cotton was created to compete with Egyptian cotton.

It is important to purchase cotton products from a quality vendor. Well finished cotton will only shrink by a small percent; however, cotton that has not been finished properly will shrink by a greater percent. Cotton sheets should be washed prior to first use to ensure that they shrink to the correct size and also to remove any remaining odor from the finishing process.

Pima cotton becomes softer with higher thread counts. Thread counts range from 200 to 600.

Clothing manufacturers often use polyester or other fibers with cotton to avoid shrinkage, and cotton content percentage must be posted on the garment label. All 100 percent cotton fabric shrinks in the laundry unless washed in cold water and air dried.