What Is a Pill Finder and Identifier?

A pill identifier or pill finder is a tool consumers use to identify pills based on their size, color, shape and imprint, according to Drugs.com. Both Drugs.com and Healthline offer pill identifiers that help users identify medications. On Drugs.com, the Pill Identification Wizard offers a searchable database of pills users can access by clicking the Pill Identification tab on the website.

A user enters a pill-finder search query based on the pill’s imprint, shape or color, and then searches for the pill in the identifier’s database, as Drugs.com and Healthline instruct. For example, the user may enter the imprint “M751” into the search, select a color and shape for the pill, and then initiate a search. Both sites also allow users to search by drug name. Alternatively, Drugs.com visitors can search the database based on National Drug Codes by entering information in the respective boxes for those searches. When the database finds a match, it delivers a picture of the pill and links to the drug on the site.

Although Drugs.com makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by its pill identifier service is accurate and up to date, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information it provides, the site notes. The website also states that some of the information provided by its pill identifier is time-sensitive, and it cautions that its service is not a substitute for the advice or care of a health care provider.