What Is Pig Nappa?

Pig Nappa is leather made from the upper side of a pig hide. Pig Nappa is a fine, strong leather that is distinguished by the small holes that can be seen along its surface.

Pig Nappa, like all Nappa leather, is made from the upper hair side of a hide. Nappa leather, also known as aniline leather, is created through a process that retains the original texture of the hide. It is dyed using soluble dyes, and unlike other leathers,it does not receive a polymer coating. Nappa leather will stain more easily than polymer-coated leathers. Pig Nappa is frequently used to make American footballs, but is also used to make garments such as gloves and jackets. Pig Nappa may be detailed in a variety of ways, including embossing, distressing and buffing. When detailed, Pig Nappa is called Nubuck leather.