What Are Some Phrases for Win, Lose or Draw?

Some phrases used in the Win, Lose or Draw game include, “Kick the bucket,” “money talks,” “cabin fever,” “fork in the road,” “out on a limb,” “Mother Earth,” “a watched pot never boils,” and “the cold shoulder.” The game offered by Milton Bradley supplies cards with phrases to use. The original version of the 1987 board game, which is based on the TV show, features over 1,000 phrases.

A variation of charades, Win, Lose or Draw is an excellent game to play on New Year’s Eve. Players can use events that have occurred in the past year and place them under categories, such as movies, books or TV shows.

The game requires that players split into two teams of six or more participants and use a whiteboard and colored markers. In order to prepare for the game, compile a list of events that have happened during the past year. Obtain information from print materials, such as newspapers and magazines, and from the Internet. Print the events on pieces of paper to draw during the party game.

After dividing participants into two teams, roll a couple of dice to see who goes first. The higher die determines who gets to make the selection. For sketching clues, a one-minute timer or hourglass can be used.

When sketching clues, no words, numbers or letters are allowed to be drawn. However, symbols, such as an arrow, exclamation point, plus sign and dollar sign, are acceptable. Sketchers cannot speak while they are drawing. However, an ear can be drawn to convey the words “sounds like” next to a sketch of a word that rhymes.