What Is the Phone Number for ReserveAmerica?

The toll-free number for Federal National Park Campgrounds and Camping areas offered by ReserveAmerica across all states is 877-444-6777 as of 2016. The international toll-free number is 518-885-6777. Additional phone numbers vary between campgrounds.

ReserveAmerica provides online campsite reservation processing for federal, state and private campgrounds across the United States. ReserveAmerica can be contacted online using a chat system or email address. Phone numbers offered by ReserveAmerica offer direct connections to individual campground networks, such as Ohio state parks, South Carolina state campgrounds, and Utah state parks and recreation.

Contact details and campground information available via ReserveAmerica depends both on location and who operates the campgrounds. U.S. state-operated campgrounds make up the majority of contact information provided by ReserveAmerica, with reservation lines, customer service lines and email addresses offered on the contacts page. Some regionally operated and privately operated campground phone numbers are also supplied by ReserveAmerica.