How Do You Find a Phone Number Online?

To find a phone number online, use a free online phone directory website, such as and You can also find a phone number online by searching the Contact section of social media profiles such as Facebook.

Free online phone directories provide users with a way to find a phone number for free. Enter the name and location of the person or establishment into the designated areas. Click Search or Find to get a list of postings that could be a match to what you are searching for. Use the information provided within each post to help determine which posting best describes the person or establishment you are searching. It is not necessary to sign-up for free membership to and, although membership may entitle you to more information or additional services. and other social media websites provide users with an area to provide other users with their contact information. While some users choose to keep their phone numbers private, others choose to list their telephone numbers in this section. By searching the person’s name, and searching the Contact sections of profiles that match the name, finding their phone number is possible. Users must typically sign up for a free membership on Facebook in order to search the profiles of other members.