How Was Philippine Literature Influenced During the American Regime?

According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Philippine literature was influenced during the American regime in two developments, including culture and education. The first was the introduction of a free type of public instruction that was for all children of school going age. The second was the utilization of the English language in all public schools.

The free education in public schools allowed many Filipinos access to information and knowledge. Those who took advantage of the available education through levels of education, such as college, enjoyed an improvement in social status. The English medium introduced many Filipinos to the Anglo-American ways of thought, life ways and culture. This became embedded in the psyche and literature produced by much of the country’s educated classes. This educated class was the product of vibrant and colourful Philippine literature.

According to the NCCA, during the American regime, the set of new colonizers was able to bring about significant changes to the existing Philippine literature. Some of the literary forms introduced include critical essay, modern short stories and free verse used in poetry. The American influence soon became deeply entrenched due to the establishment of the English language as a medium in public schools.