How Does Peter Answers Work?

Peter Answers, an online virtual tarot game that answers personal questions by supposedly invoking spirit connections, works by using a simple computer trick. The person showing the game to friends must already know how to use the trick for the deception to work.

The computer trick to log in correct answers is explained on one of the game’s web pages. There are three web pages in all. One is the colorful game board website to which a player directs friends. Another is a site that explains rudiments of the game and directs the player to the trick. The third is the web page that explains the trick.

The game board instructs a player to first write a petition and then write a question. The petition must state a variation of: “Peter, please answer my question,” but the first words must be “Peter, please.” To log in an answer, a player must first type a period (.) and then type the answer followed by another period. However, anyone watching doesn’t see the periods and the answer on the screen but only the words “Peter, please.” After the answer is embedded into the petition, the question is typed into the next text box. In this way, the person who knows the trick is the only one able to get accurate answers to questions.