What Are the Pet Names for Grandma in Africa?

Some names for grandparents in different African countries are Jiddah and Jadd in Morocco, Nkuku and Ntatemogolo in Botswana and Ambuya and Sekuru in the Shona dialect. Names differ depending on a family’s language, dialect and country of origin.

Kenyans speak the languages of Swahili and English. The pet name for grandmother in Swahili is Bibi, while grandfathers are known as Babu. Grandparents play an important role in Kenyan society. They are responsible for passing down wisdom and traditions to the younger generations. Kenyan grandmothers are in charge of sex education of the children; they are also honored as storytellers.

In northern Africa, Moroccan children call their grandmothers Jiddah and their grandfathers Jadd. In Islamic culture, it is the paternal grandfather’s role to care for children who lose their fathers. Grandparents often live with their children and develop close relationships with their grandchildren. They help teach their descendants the values of love, loyalty and obedience.

Children in Botswana speak Setswana and English. They call their grandmothers Nkuku and grandfathers Ntatemogolo. Many grandparents in Botswana must care for their grandchildren because of the spread of HIV/AIDS. As a result of this devastating disease, grandparents in this country play a vital role in preserving family traditions and raising the next generation.

In the Zulu language of South Africa, the word for grandmother is Ugogo and the word for grandfather is Ubabamkhulu. Some South Africans speak Afrikaans; in this language, grandmothers are Ouma and grandfathers are Oupa. South African grandparents are revered family members who also help pass down wisdom to their grandchildren. Like Botswana, South Africa is ravaged by HIV/AIDS, and grandparents are often responsible for raising orphaned grandchildren.