What Is a Personal Testimonial?

A testimonial is a form of recommendation (normally written) that may be used to highlight a person’s abilities, skills or achievements, and it normally is produced by a customer or colleague in relation to someone else or something else, such as a product. A personal testimonial is similar to a standard testimonial, but it is produced by the subject instead of someone else.

A personal testimonial may serve numerous functions. For example, many colleges and universities request personal testimonials or personal statements in writing when students submit their applications to them. This additional information helps the staff at such institutions decide who they feel are best suited and likely to succeed in their studies, as limitations on class sizes means they cannot simply accept every applicant with the necessary grades. Similarly, a personal testimonial may be in the form of a cover letter or supporting statement to accompany a CV when applying for a new job.

Personal testimonials are also frequently used in marketing, particularly by people working in service-focused environments, such as personal fitness trainers, for example. The testimonial provides information about the person, her background and what qualifies her to do what she does (or what she intends to do).