How Does a Person Increase Globulin Levels?

To increase globulin counts, it is essential to keep in mind foods to avoid and those that need to be made a more regular part of a protein-rich diet, says the Drugless Doctor. A deficiency in the intake of animal protein makes patients prone to low globulin counts.

The most efficient manner to raise globulin levels in the blood is to slowly increase the amount of animal proteins consumed, asserts the Drugless Doctor. Drastic diet changes are not recommended because the body needs to adapt to protein-rich foods slowly, specifically if such foods have been largely lacking in the patient’s usual diet. Avoiding foods that prevent absorption of nutritive material, such as sugar-based items, pastries and refined carbohydrates, sets the system up for the proper absorption of the abundant proteins in the new diet.

The lack of animal protein intake in some patients’ diets is due to a congenital inability to properly digest such foods, explains the Drugless Doctor. This is the case with those who have blood type A. The bodies of patients who take certain types of medications, such as prescription “acid soppers” for heartburn and reflux conditions, also have issues processing and absorbing globulin proteins. Having light protein meals throughout the day, consisting of nuts, eggs, small portions of chicken and kale, allows the body to process and absorb these proteins at more functional rates.