How Do You Find a Person With Canada 411?

Martin Cathrae/CC-BY-SA 2.0

You can find a person on Canada 411 by searching with the person’s address or name. Canada 411 provides as much information as possible regarding people living in the city or province you search based on the information you provide in the search field.

Canada 411 allows you to search for someone by name or address when you’re looking for a phone number. To perform a standard search, simply enter the first and last name of the person you’re searching, or enter his first initial and last name. Using only a first initial and last name provides the best results because it decreases the chances of misspelling a name. If you fail to receive a return with a compound name, remove the space between the names, or join them with a hyphen.

To find a person by address, simply enter the house number and street name, along with the city, province and postal code. If there are no returns with that search, it’s possible the address is too specific; remove the street type or directional indicators from the name of the street to return more results. You can also try to find someone with a proximity search by listing a reference point.