How Do You Permanently Delete Visited Websites?

Klaus Vedfelt/Taxi/Getty Images

The steps needed to permanently delete visited websites varies depending on the Web browser. Identify the specific browser and version in use, and then clear the computer’s browsing history using the appropriate instructions. If more than one browser is being used, each browser should be cleared.

As of 2014, for users of Internet Explorer versions nine and higher, clicking on the Tools icon is the first step to clearing unwanted browsing data from the hard drive. Hover over the Safety option on the submenu entitled Safety. Check off Delete Browsing History. This displays a list of items that have been saved. Click on each check box to indicate the items that should be erased, and then click on Delete.

As of 2014, in Mozilla Firefox, click the Firefox button, and then click on the option entitled History. Click the option Time Range to Clear from the drop-down box, and then select the time to be cleared. Click on Details, and then check the boxes for each category to be cleared before clicking on Clear Now.

As of 2014, in Google Chrome, click on the Chrome menu icon. Select Tools, and then click on the box that says Clear Browsing Data. You can then select a range of time to clear or even select to clear everything from the Beginning of Time to delete all data. Click on Clear Browsing Data to finish deleting data.