Why Are Perfumes at Perfumania Cheaper?

Hybrid Images/Cultura/Getty Images

According to Perfumania, the store is able to carry a wide variety of perfumes, colognes and other bath and body fragrances at lower prices because of its efficient inventory system. All Perfumania products are genuine fragrances from the original designers and manufacturers.

In addition to Perfumania.com, Perfumania operates over 370 retail stores in the United States. The stores’ inventories are limited compared to the website, but the prices are the same. Perfumania carries many hard-to-find fragrances and often searches for those it doesn’t carry.

While Perfumania’s fragrances are all genuine, some online discount fragrance merchants sell counterfeit fragrances. Counterfeit fragrances can be spotted by a close examination of the packaging. Genuine fragrances typically are very tightly wrapped in cellophane; counterfeits often display messy, loosely wrapped cellophane. Excessive glue inside the box also often indicates a fake. If a perfume box is made from thin cardboard, the perfume is probably counterfeit.

Perfume barcodes are always printed on the bottom of the box. If a perfume box has a barcode on its side, it is almost certainly a fake. Sometimes counterfeit perfumes have errors in the printing or logo on the box or label; a close comparison to a genuine bottle or box of the same fragrance should expose the fraud.