How Do You Perform a Direct TV Remote Control Setup?

To perform a DIRECTV remote control setup with a DIRECTV universal remote and a high-definition DVR or receiver, press the remote’s menu button, and then select Settings & Help. Select Settings, and then select Remote Control. Select Program Remote, choose a device for the remote, and follow the prompts to complete the process. The remote control setup process varies depending on the remote and the device, but instructions for all processes are available on, as of 2015.

To view remote control setup information on, visit the site’s home page, and place the cursor over Help Center. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Learn About DIRECTV. Click Receivers & Other Equipment, and then click Equipment Support. Click Remote Control Support, and then click How to Program DIRECTV Remote Control. Alternatively, visit the site’s home page, perform a search for “How to Program DIRECTV Remote Control,” and then click the link to the article under the Support heading.

On the article page, click on one of the remote controls. The page automatically populates with instructions for setting up that remote control, with multiple instructions depending on the device. DIRECTV remote controls control televisions and audio devices, such as sound bars and surround sound systems.