How Do You Perform a Battery Check on Your HP Laptop?

To perform a battery check on your HP laptop, open the System Diagnostics option on the computer. Run a battery test to determine the state of your battery.

  1. Prepare your HP laptop for a battery test

    Before performing a battery test, first unplug the power cord, and turn your computer off. Wait for the computer to shut down completely before powering the laptop on again.

  2. Launch the System Diagnostics menu

    When the HP logo appears, press the Escape button on your keyboard. The Start Up menu appears on the screen. Press the F2 button on your keyboard to launch the System Diagnostics menu. The Battery Test Page appears on your screen. Plug your power cord back into your laptop.

  3. Run the battery test

    Click Start Battery Test on the Battery Test page. View the status of your HP battery. The statuses include OK, Calibrate, Weak or Very Weak, Replace, No Battery or Unknown.

  4. Respond to the battery test

    After running the battery test, you can respond accordingly. If the status is OK or Calibrate, you do not need to replace your battery. If the status is Weak or Replace, you need to replace the battery. If the status is No Battery or Unknown, this means that the system is not recognizing your battery. You may need to remove and reinsert the battery.