What Percentage of an Apple Is Water?

Alexander Lyubavin/CC-BY 2.0

The water content in a medium-sized apple is 84 percent, according to WebMD. Fruits with higher levels include watermelon, which has a 92 percent water content.

Pears have the same 84 percent water content as apples, states SFGate. In addition to providing nutrients, high-water fruits also regulate the human body, which is 60 percent water. Water in the body is crucial in transporting such elements as oxygen and glucose to the muscles. Water also regulates body temperature and ensures that waste is properly processed. Water-based fruits are more effective than water and sports drinks because fruit also replaces the essential nutrients that are drained during exercise, according to a study by the University of Aberdeen Medical School cited by SFGate. Water fruits also contain few calories and satisfy hunger quickly.