What Do People Wear in Jamaica?

Anthony Pidgeon/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

People in Jamaica wear very colorful, vibrant, loose and comfortable clothes. Jamaican women often wear traditional clothes that are handmade, and they also wear skirts, blouses and head scarves that are made of calico. Because of the hot weather, women usually wear short-sleeved blouses. Men wear pants and shirts, but the fabric used in making men’s attire is natural, organic fabric.

Due to the hot, humid climate of the island, most business people in Jamaica wear casual clothing. It normally consists of golf shirts and khaki slacks, according to Executive Planet. They wear sports coat or a blazer, in addition to their shirts, when the go to social functions.

Men normally wear suits and ties when attending formal functions. Women also wear suits and dresses for such functions. Most of the time, children are dressed in flimsy attire to cope with the weather. Young boys normally wear t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts while little girls wear short skirts, short dresses and flamboyant shirts.

Footwear is common in design with all age groups in Jamaica. Most of the time, footwear is sandal-like and open. However, young girls occasionally wear high-heeled shoes. Older men prefer wearing open slippers while older women wear footwear that resemble moccasin.