What Do People Wear in Greece?

While ancient Greeks are famous for wearing togas, clocks and high peaked crowns, the only thing they have in common with what Greeks wear today are the gladiator-like sandals. Today, people wear modern clothes in Greece, wearing more appropriate attire to holy places like church.

When visiting Greek-orthodox churches, women should wear long skirts. Exposed shoulders should also be covered with a pashmina, shawl or sarong. Men must wear long pants. Shorts are not allowed.

A famous woman’s Greek-style silhouette is the Greek goddess style dress. These dresses are usually made from chiffon fabric with an empire-waist cut. Sometimes the dress might be a one-shoulder strap dress. Other times dresses are cut very low to form a deep V. The best accessories that go with Greek goddess style dresses are gold jewelry.

Greeks are known to be casual and comfy dressers. On the Greek islands, people were light-colored, breathable, loose fabrics. Comfortable, formal or casual sandals or flip flops are preferred shoes due to uneven stony roads. Grecian-style sandals are similar to Roman-style gladiator sandals. Sandals are usually made from leather and have multiple straps that firmly secure the foot in place. Sandals are usually held in place by a snap or a buckle.