Why Do People Use Email?

Peter Sherrard/The Image Bank/Getty Images

People use email to communicate with friends and relatives, and it is popular for business communication. While young people are increasingly using social media instead of email, businesses are likely to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

Email was designed to emulate traditional mail, and it is frequently used in this manner. Since email is delivered almost instantaneously, it allows people to communicate far faster than they could by mail, and, unlike phone calls, it allows recipients to respond at their leisure. Email is also cheap to send, and companies with large customer bases can save a considerable amount of money by sending email instead of regular letters.

The advent of popular social media, however, has made email less popular among younger people. Instead of sending short emails to each other, many are now sending short text messages or using messaging clients provided by Facebook or other popular platforms. However, this does not mean that email is likely to be replaced any time soon. More people around the world use email than social media platforms, and businesses are unlikely to turn to proprietary messaging platforms to replace it. In addition, companies can run their own email servers, allowing them to better archive messages and automatically filter messages that arrive.