Why Do People Move From Rural Areas to Urban Areas?

Howard Kingsnorth/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The reasons people move to urban areas vary greatly depending on the person, but they typically revolve around employment. Economic reasons, such as quality of housing and cost of living are other common reasons for relocating from a rural to an urban area. Education is also a large factor.

Urban areas have more opportunities for employment, especially in competitive, progressive industries, such as computers, technology and high-level corporations. Cities often have a better quality of living, and though cost of living is higher in most cities, the trade-off for a better quality of life is worth it for some people. Educational centers are more prevalent and common in urban areas, so for people interested in furthering their education, a city has many more opportunities than rural areas.

Social and personal life are two other commonly quoted reasons for moving. Cities provide more opportunities to get out and meet people, such as social clubs, bars, dance clubs and support groups. For people with unique interests, it is easier to find like-minded individuals in urban areas than in isolated rural regions. Some people move to urban areas for personal reasons, such as getting closer to the family or work of a significant other, or to find better opportunities for their children.