How Do People Live in the Rainforest?

hadynyah/E+/Getty Images

About 50 million tribal people live in rainforests in different parts of the world. Indigenous people have lived there for thousands of years and have organized their daily lives as their ancestors had done. Their food, medicine, shelter and clothing all come from the forests, and they have a distinctive language and a different set of tradition and culture, according to

Indigenous people know how to use the forest’s resources without damaging it. They gather fruits and nuts, hunt animals, fish and have a sustainable farming method to grow crops on the forest’s soil. They plant and grow crops that can be consumed as food and can be used for medicinal purposes. Most tribal children do not attend school and are taught survival techniques, such as hunting, farming and basically all things that allow them to survive in the forests.

While most tribal people still continue to live in rainforests, some forest people have been influenced by outside people or settlers or have been forced out of their homes by the government. Even the Amerindians, the largest native population in the Amazon, have been impacted by the modern world. While they still retain a vast knowledge of the rainforests, they are now able to travel down to the market to sell and buy western goods. Some tribal people are also forced to leave the forests to live in nearby towns due to deforestation.