Who Is Peggy Cappy?

Peggy Cappy is a yoga instructor and founder of Gentle Stretch Yoga, a type of yoga she designed for seniors or people with limited mobility who require a modified yoga approach. She is also the creator of the PBS series of DVDs entitled “Yoga for the Rest of Us.”

Cappy has been both teaching and practicing yoga for more than 40 years, at one point traveling to India to work with meditation and yoga masters. In Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us” series, Cappy works with people averaging 80 years of age, and her oldest student in the class is more than 100 years old.

Cappy’s book “Yoga for All of Us” was released in 2006. In it, Cappy gives detailed and easy instructions for executing each yoga pose. The book is considered a good accompaniment to the PBS DVD series. In addition, Cappy produced six audio CDs with relaxing music ideal for yoga.

Beyond the DVD series, books and CDs, Cappy also offers teacher training for yoga instructors and yoga workshops. Her website, PeggyCappy.net, offers information about yoga, Cappy’s products, and detailed information about her travels to India, where she learned more about yoga and specifically, laughter yoga, a yoga technique that she plans to offer training on at some point in the future.