Why Is Peanut Butter a Good Snack for a Diabetic?

Glow Cuisine/Glow/Getty Images

Peanut butter is a good snack for diabetics because it has low carbohydrates and contains healthy fats and protein, according to SFGate. However, people with diabetes need to moderate their peanut butter intake because it has a high calorie content.

Natural peanut butter, which means peanut butter made only from ground peanuts, is a healthy snack for diabetics because it doesn’t have any added ingredients, sweeteners, sugars or fats, explains SFGate. Peanut butter that isn’t all-natural either includes extra sugar, partially hydrogenated oil or trans fats that are unhealthy for anybody, particularly a diabetic. A person with diabetes should eat no more than 2 tablespoons or one serving of peanut butter per meal. A serving size includes 8 grams of protein and 12 grams of healthy fats.

Peanut butter can be spread on whole grain bread or crackers for a healthy snack, states SFGate. It can also be eaten with a serving of fruit or with vegetables such as celery. Instead of ice cream for dessert that raises blood sugar levels, a diabetic can mix peanut butter with diced fruit and freeze it. Bananas can be dipped in peanut butter, sprinkled with unsweetened coconut and frozen for a treat as well.