What Does a Peacock Feather Symbolize?

Peacock feathers symbolize immortality and a connection with the spirit world as well as divine guidance and protection. Peacocks are connected to immortality due to the fact that in Biblical times, it was believed that the flesh of a peacock remained healthy and vital after death. The peacock also symbolizes rebirth and renewal as peacocks replace their feathers on an annual basis.

In Greek mythology, peacock feathers are similar to the evil eye. The feathers protect humans from harm and evil and are also all-knowing. In addition, peacocks are a symbol of strength and endurance as they are known to eat poisonous snakes without falling ill.

Peacocks are multi-colored as well as pure white, and Buddhist teachings state that the all-white peacock is a symbol of Nirvana and the afterlife. In Asian culture, the peacock symbolizes unconditional love and compassion.

Alternatively, Eastern European culture considers the peacock a sign of bad luck due to the fact that peacock feathers were once worn by Mongol warriors. One superstition surrounding peacocks is that anyone who sleeps in a bed that is adorned with peacock feathers dies in his sleep.

Peacocks are also considered vain when they puff up and display their colorful feathers. “Peacocking” is a common term for an individual who tends to be overly involved with his appearance.