Why Is Peace Important?

Many people believe peace is important in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts that might hinder progress or even result in the loss of life. There are many organizations devoted to fostering peace within the domestic and global spheres. For example, organizations such as the Peace Corps emphasize the importance of understanding others in order to enrich life within the global community..

The Peace Education Network, based in the United Kingdom, is an organization dedicated to promoting peace precisely because they believe it is of paramount importance. The idea that peace is important is exemplified by the large number of organizations like the Peace Education Network that strive for peace across the world. The Peace Education Network cites the General Assembly of the United Nations when creating their standard for peace. The United Nations defined peace as the collection of attitudes, beliefs and actions that demonstrate a concern for worldwide human rights and a positive regard for life. Peace involves turning the other cheek when necessary, and aiming to understanding others, rather than following a course of intolerance. Peace is not simply an idea to be aspired towards in the arena of diplomacy between nations, but also between individuals in their interpersonal interactions. Though there are some individuals out there who do not believe peace is the most important thing, it is clear that across many national boarders and cultures peace is considered to be a high ideal.