How Do You Pay New York E-ZPass Violations?

The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

The violation notice for a New York E-ZPass infraction includes a voucher form to make a payment by mail, the E-ZPass New York Service Center states. Drivers are also able to pay by phone, online or by visiting an authorized kiosk or retailer location.

When paying by mail, drivers must detach the bottom portion of the violation notice and send it with a check, according to the E-ZPass New York Service Center. Alternately, drivers have the option to mail or fax a dispute letter to the violation payments and inquiries department. As of 2015, the toll-free, automated system is available at 1-800-333-8655. Only electronic payments by debit or credit card are accepted by phone. For online payments, drivers must visit the E-ZPass New York Service Center website and look up the infraction by entering a license plate number or the violation and tag numbers on the notice.

E-ZPass is an electronic toll system that allows drivers to prepay for speedy passage through toll lanes, the New York Thruway Authority explains. E-ZPass customers use designated, unstaffed lanes that cannot accommodate cash-paying customers. Video cameras record the license plates of any non-E-ZPass customers who use these lanes, resulting in a violation notice.

E-ZPass customers receive violation notices for using an account tag registered to a different vehicle, the E-ZPass New York Service Center notes. Other violations include speeding or failing to add sufficient funds to an E-ZPass account.