Who Is the Patron Saint of Friendships?

The patron saint of friendships is Saint John. He is also referred to as Saint John the Apostle, Saint John the Evangelist and the Beloved Disciple.

As well as being the patron of friendships, Saint John is also the patron of authors and theologians. Saint John is often represented with an eagle, which alludes to the heights he rose to as was recorded in the first chapter of his gospel. He is also seen with a chalice which symbolism is debated, but may be in reference to the Last Supper, the legend of the poisoned wine or the cup of sorrows.

Saint John was the son of Salome and Zebedee. Before he became an apostle of Jesus Christ, Saint John was a disciple of Saint John the Baptist. Upon following Jesus and becoming one of the Twelve Apostles, Saint John developed a close relationship with Jesus Christ and was named guardian of Jesus’ mother after his crucifixion. Saint John was the one apostle who did not turn his back on Jesus during the Passion, and Saint John was said to be present at the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Those people who celebrate Saint John as the patron of friendships often commemorate him by wearing a pendant with his portrait engraved.