What Are Some Facts About Pastor Melissa Scott?

Some facts about Melissa Scott are that she became the lead pastor at Faith Center Church in Glendale, California, in 2005 and that she speaks more than 25 languages. Ernest Hemingway and Victor Hugo are Scott’s favorite authors, and she also appreciates and studies musical theory.

Scott and the Faith Center Church pride themselves on an around-the-clock ministry that preaches the Christian gospel through a variety of mediums including the Internet, television and radio. The church boasts a worldwide audience.

Another fact about Scott is that she preached the Faith Center Church’s 2000th sermon in November 2015. Of those 2000 sermons, Melissa Scott, herself, preached more than 500, as of November 2015. She overtook the ministry started by her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott. Scott’s ministry boasts the largest collection privately owned Biblical manuscripts in the world. Melissa Scott’s ministry extends to prisons, libraries and children’s educational programming. She is also a resource for other pastors seeking guidance.

Prior to becoming a pastor, Scott worked in the adult-entertainment industry under the name Barbie Bridges. Scott’s late husband did not court her through the church. Instead, the two socialized outside of church on a personal level, but Gene Scott occasionally paid Melissa to attend church, according to Marie Claire. When Melissa began singing on Gene’s television show, she began to dress more conservatively and Gene Scott eventually stopped associating with other women to make Melissa his sole girlfriend.

Melissa Scott travels with a security detail. Unlike her late husband, she is not active in local politics. Scott focuses her ministry on Christ’s redemption story rather than on God’s perfection.