What Are Some Party Name Ideas?

Names for parties are mostly associated with a general theme for a social gathering. Some fun party themes include “A Night to Remember,” “Spring on the Fling,” “Backyard Barbecue,” “Party on the Porch” and “Miniskirt Madness.” “White Party” is also a popular type of party name, where everyone who attends wears white clothes. A “Décor Swap Party” consists of friends swapping unwanted home items while eating, drinking, dancing and having fun.

A “Flower Power” party has a retro 1970s feel at a venue with lots of flowers, 1970s music and clothes, and funky decorations. Summer parties are often held outdoors so names like “Fun in the Sun” or “Beach Extravaganza” are ideal to promote an outdoor event. “The Sun and the Sand and a Drink in My Hand” is also a humorous beach party name. A party that focuses on food can have names such as “Mexican Food Fiesta,” “Lobster Party,” “Barbecue Express” or “Pancake Breakfast.” The same applies to parties where one type of liquor is mainly served, such as a “Whisky ‘n Soda” or “Beerfest.”

Although “A Night to Remember” is a common party theme, “A Night to Remember” is also the title of a 1958 movie that recreates the sinking of the Titanic. The movie follows the narrative of Herbert Lightoller from the launch of the Titanic to its violent end.

Names for parties where people wear funny costumes include “Pirate Adventures,” “Cheerleaders & Jocks,” “Red Necks” and “Pick Your Favourite Cartoon Character.” A “Cheesy Sweater Party” is a fun theme idea, where people turn up with tacky seasonal sweaters, and the party ends with a cheesiest outfit competition.