What Are Some Free Party Line Numbers?

Talkee lists some free party-line phone numbers are 712-432-7463, 218-862-3788 and 218-862-3784. Numbers for specific groups such as Afro, Anglo, Asian or gay groups are found on the website. Viewers can also search for phone numbers by state.

Talkee advertises that each line is completely free and 100 percent private. Once the number is called, callers are directed through the system. First-time callers listen to an introduction; this can be skipped in the future. Subsequently, a room number is given for 1 on 1 conversations. Next, the caller will be directed to the lobby. Here, they choose between options like group chat rooms, live personals and voice mail. Each room has a number and is limited to 8 people. The caller may press 6 or 7 to move back or forward to a different room, respectively.