What Are Some Party Games for Senior Citizens?

David Woolley/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some party games for senior citizens are bingo, charades, blindfold tests and many others. These games are easy to organize and can be customized to fit a certain theme or holiday, like tropical, Halloween or Christmas.

Bingo is a very easy game to organize for seniors and it can be easily customized to match a particular theme. For example, if it’s a tropical-themed party the bingo words can be tropical-related, like “coconut” and “grass skirt.” Bingo winners can get prizes, too, which makes the game even more exciting.

Another fun game for seniors is charades. Like bingo, this game can be easily customized to a theme as well. Just be sure to have the subjects written on the cards prior be on theme. Trivia games is another easy type of game for seniors to play. Trivia games don’t require any physical exertion and the seniors can even be organized into their own trivia teams, which encourages teamwork and more engagement.

There are plenty of other games that seniors can play. Bowling games can be set up using lighter, toy pins and balls. If it’s a tropical-themed party, a tropical style bowling game can be done with toy pins and coconuts. Another game, the blindfold taste test, has players wear a blindfold and be fed various foods, trying to guess what the foods are by their sense of taste. Seniors can also play translation games, where they try to guess the English translations to foreign words, which is somewhat similar to trivia games. These types of games can also be customized to fit a particular party theme or holiday event.