What Are Some Party Game Ideas for Door Prizes?

woodleywonderworks/CC-BY 2.0

Name that Tune is one party game guests can play for door prizes. To play the game, the host creates a playlist of songs of all different genres.

The host then plays 5 to 15 seconds of each song, and the first guest to raise their hand gets only one guess at the song. If they guess correctly, they receive one point, but if they guess wrong, they lose one point. After playing a designated amount of songs, the person with the most points wins the door prize. The host can play several rounds of this game.

Who’s the Match is another fun game guests can play to win door prizes. As each guest arrives, the host should place a label on their back with the name of a celebrity. The people wearing the labels ask the other players “yes or no” questions trying to find information about the celebrity name on their back. The first person to guess their celebrity match wins. This game is a good choice for encouraging guests to mingle, especially if they are not familiar with one another. To take the game up a notch, the first person to guess their celebrity must pose and impersonate the celebrity for a photo to remember the party by.