What Are the Parts of an Electric Fan?

The basic parts of a ceiling fan include a mounting device, the motor and its housing, blades and the hub. If the fan can be controlled remotely, its construction also features a remote control module.

The electric motor runs the fan, twirling the hub to which the blades are affixed. The blades are attached to the hub via metal arms, called blade irons or blade brackets. If the fan is attached to the ceiling, it includes a mounting device, such as a ball-and-socket system, J-hook or specialized canopy. Table fans usually feature a base with an ornament, pipe cover, a switchbox and the switch assembly. The switch housing is located in the center of the fan’s motor. It conceals components such as wires, capacitors and switches.

Some fans include a downrod, which suspends the fan from the ceiling. Fan blades can also be outfitted with decorative blade badges that conceal the screws attaching the blades to the irons. Table fans feature guard ornaments and guard covers to protect people from the spinning blades.

Several nuts, bolts, springs and wires also comprise an electric fan. Likewise, adjustable fans include tilting pins, tilting plates, an oscillation knob and an oscillation rod. Table fans have an AC cord, while ceiling fans are connected to electricity via wiring in the ceiling.