How Do You Get Partial Unemployment in the State of New Jersey?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A citizen of New Jersey who qualifies to receive unemployment benefits but works part-time receives partial benefits after filing his weekly benefits claim online or by phone to his local claim center. Anyone wishing to receive unemployment benefits must report his weekly earnings and verify he is available and actively looking for full-time employment.

If a claimant fails to make a claim for unemployment benefits as instructed, he does not receive benefits for that week. To calculate the benefit, add 20 percent more than the full weekly benefit and subtract any earnings from part-time work. For example, if the full benefit is $100 but $50 was earned through work, start by adding 20 percent to the benefit amount for a total of $120, then subtract $50 in earnings. In this example, the partial benefit for the week would total $70. Full unemployment benefits may be awarded up to 60 percent of regular wages, up to $611, as of 2012.

Partial benefits are available to employees working less than 80 percent of regular full-time hours due to a lack of work and individuals on unemployment who find part-time work. Part-time workers must continue to seek full-time work and may not turn down a full-time job offer to continue to receive benefits. Claimants who fail to report all wages and tips earned while on unemployment may face charges of fraud.