What Are the Parking Mania 2 Codes?

There are codes in the game “Parking Mania 2” that allow players to skip certain levels. The access codes are 00000 for level 1, 37912 for level 7, 73945 for level 8, 19348 for level 9, 97123 for level 10, 28472 for level 11, 29837 for level 17, 98736 for level 18, 19723 for level 19, 67234 for level 20, 32973 for level 27 and 43753 for level 30.

These access codes automatically send players to the level they correlate with. To use these codes, players must select “Access Code” on the title screen. Then, they must enter the 5-digit code and press “Enter.” There are 30 levels in the game. Each level is considered to be more challenging than the one before it.

The goal of “Parking Mania 2” is to park a car in a specified spot on each level. The game is challenging due to the fact that the controls are very sensitive. There are also various obstacles on each level. These various challenges make it difficult to successfully park the car in the specified spots.

“Parking Mania 2” is the second game in the “Parking Mania” series. It has more levels and obstacles than the original “Parking Mania” game.