Why Is Parental Involvement Important?

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Research shows that parental involvement not only supports and encourages children’s learning and development but is an accurate predictor of the child’s academic success, according to Education. The National Education Association explains that children with high parental involvement have better social skills and classroom behavior as well.

Educational success is one of the primary reasons parental involvement is important, according to the National Education Association. Children whose parents are involved in their lives both at home and at school are far more likely than their peers to graduate and go on to obtain postsecondary education. This positive effect holds true regardless of family income or background.

Children whose parents express high, but reasonable, expectations and interest in their lives tend to achieve both academically and socially, according to Education. These children are far less likely to face disciplinary action at school and tend to express a more positive attitude than their peers without parental involvement. Education also explains that parental involvement is closely linked to high self-esteem, which helps children perform well in all spheres of their life. This leads to positive benefits not only for the children but for the parents as well, who feel an increased sense of confidence in their decision-making and parenting skills.