What Is a Palanca Letter Example?

Cornerstone Alumni in Action provides a palanca letter example format that focuses on short, uplifting anonymous letters written to a single individual letting them know that someone supports them in their Christian religious journey. The biblical nature of such support is outlined in Matthew 25:34-46.

Because the word “palanca” is Spanish for lever, the language used in a palanca should be encouraging and uplifting, as the letter is a “lever” to help lift the receiver closer to God. If the person is participating in a specific task such as a religious retreat, the letter should congratulate them for their commitment and offer confidence that they can expect to receive blessings from God. The palanca letter should also include a commitment from the writer regarding some sacrifice they plan to make in honor of the receiver’s religious journey, such as giving up candy for the weekend.

The letters are anonymous for both the reader and the writer. The writer should write “Dear Brother of God” or “Dear Sister of God,” or the gender-neutral “Dear Child of God” on a sealed envelope. Examples of encouraging words to include in the letter include that the writer is praying for him, that it is great he is seeking God’s love, and how happy the letter writer hopes to make the writer. The letter should be signed with the writer’s first name only.