How Do You Find Pairing Codes for Your LG TV?

Images by Fabio/Moment/Getty Images

To find the pairing code for an LG Smart TV, download the LG Remote App from the iOS or Android app store, press Connect, and wait for the code to appear on the TV. To pair YouTube with the TV, select Pair on your TV to view the pairing code.

The LG Remote App allows LG Cinema 3-D Smart TV owners to use their Android or iOS mobile device as a remote control for their televisions. Press Connect once the app finds your TV, and view the pairing code on the TV. Enter the pairing code on your smartphone to start using the app. Ensure that your mobile device and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The LG Remote App features a QWERTY keyboard for browsing the Web, volume and channel changers, and a touch pad for navigating the TV conveniently. The My CH feature lets you list preferred channels for easy access.

If you want to pair YouTube with your LG TV, open the YouTube app on your television, choose My YouTube, and select Pair to see a nine-digit pairing code. Go to on your mobile device, and enter the code on the Add Screen window. After typing a name for the TV, find videos on your phone to watch on your TV screen.