How Do You Paint Over Enamel?

To paint over enamel you must first degloss the surface and apply latex primer. The required supplies are drop cloths, soap, water, a large sponge, a bucket, cleaning gloves, masking tape, paint brushes, deglosser, latex primer, a paint roller and a plastic painting tray. The procedure takes about a day, including drying time.

  1. Protect the work area

    Spread clean drop cloths over the floor and stick masking tape around doorways, window frames and all other edges.

  2. Wash the walls

    Fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap. Put on a pair of cleaning gloves and wash the wall. Wait for the wall to dry before you continue.

  3. Coat the enamel with deglosser

    Open the can of deglosser and brush it over the enamel. Inspect your work carefully and dab more deglosser over any bare areas. Wait for the deglosser to dry.

  4. Apply latex primer

    Pour latex primer into a paint tray. Prime the wall’s edges with a brush, then use a roller to cover the rest of the wall. Use slow, deliberate strokes. Allow the primer to dry according to its package directions, then inspect the coverage and apply a second coat. Wait for the second coat to dry before you paint the wall.

  5. Paint the wall

    Paint the wall with whichever color of paint you choose.