Is Pacquin Hand Cream Still Available?

Production of Pacquin hand cream was discontinued by the manufacturer. The product is no longer available on store shelves but can be found for sale on sites such as

Johnson and Johnson obtained the health and beauty line by Pfizer in 2006, ceasing production of Pacquin hand cream. Pacquin obtained devout users, since it was first introduced to the market in the 1960s, and these users have been searching for alternatives to the cream since the end of the product’s production.

Users of Pacquin still have a few options to obtain their beloved hand cream. They may be able to find jars of this cream in outlets or flea markets or on websites such as, or they may be able to find a reasonable alternative. One such alternative is Udder Cream, recommended by San Fransisco 7 News as a Top 10 Must Have Beauty Product.