Who Is P. Allen Smith’s Wife?

Although P. Allen Smith is rumored to have a wife, this has never been proven. He is also rumored to be homosexual and to have a male life partner. Mr. Smith is notoriously private about his personal life and has never publicly confirmed either rumor.

Some reports indicate that P. Allen Smith, the well-known gardening and lifestyle expert, either currently has a wife named Debbie or was married to a woman named Debbie at some point in his life, perhaps in the years before he became famous. These rumors are vague and have never been clarified by Smith himself. However, in one episode of his gardening show, which took place in his own home, he appears to introduce a live-in boyfriend to whom he refers as his “life partner.” Although Smith has never stated exactly what he meant by that phrase, many have taken it to be an admission of his homosexuality and acknowledgement his life partner.