How Do You Find Out the Value of a Frigidaire Antique Refrigerator?

Find out the value of an antique Frigidaire refrigerator by taking it to an appraisal event or to a company that specializes in refrigerator appraisals, such as You can also conduct your own appraisal using online guides or by comparing your model to listings on sites such as

One of the most common ways to find out the value of an antique Frigidaire refrigerator is to take it to an expert who deals in either general antique appraisals or vintage appliance appraisals. Some professional auction houses offer limited free appraisals of different items during special events, such as a free appraisal day, which are commonly mentioned on the company’s website, while many also offer a paid appraisal service available by appointment. You can also use an online appraisal service such as the one offered by, wherein you send pictures and a description of the appliance to the company along with a $50 appraisal fee, as of 2015.

Another method for determining an antique refrigerator’s value is to utilize online tools and actual purchase records. For example, allows you to search its records for past transactions meeting specific criteria. You can conduct a search for Frigidaire refrigerators that match yours and estimate how much yours is worth based on what others actually paid for the same item.