How Do You Find Out the Value of a 1934 Dollar Bill?

Chris Gonz / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

The value of a 1934 dollar bill can be determined using the price guide for 1934 one dollar banknotes at According to the guide, a 1934 dollar bill most commonly sells for between $5 and $10.

Though the most common sale price for a 1934 dollar bill is less than $10, it can sell for as much as $40 if it is in exceptional condition. Exceptional condition is defined as being in choice uncirculated condition. Antique Money also offers to buy and sell the currency in question, and the company offers appraisals via email. Though variety of the bill could, in some cases, determine sale price, their is only one variety of 1934 dollar bill because they were all signed by Julian and Morgenthau. The variety is further limited by the seal type. Although some bills have variable seal types, that of the 1934 dollar bill (sometimes called a “funnyback” due to its reverse design, relative to the bills of today) is consistent, with only one type of seal. If pictures and serial number are provided, Antique Money offers an appraisal service and may, depending on the appraisal of the bill, make an offer to purchase a 1934 dollar bill.