How Do You Find Out the Value of a 1924 Silver Dollar?

Tom Cockrem/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

To determine the value of a coin it is necessary to visit specialty websites, research the value in current coin magazines or have the coin appraised by an expert. The overall value of the coin largely depends on the condition of the coin.

The value of an 1924 silver dollar in poor condition is estimated at $28, while a coin in mint condition is valued at between $155 and $650, as of 2015. The 1924 silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper and weighs 26.7 grams. Unless the coin is in good or mint condition the value of the silver will likely outweigh its value to coin collectors, depending on current silver prices.

The 1924 silver dollar is also known as the Peace Dollar and was designed by Anthony de Francisci. This coin features the Liberty head in profile on the face of the coin and the bald eagle on the reverse. Peace Dollars were minted between the years 1921 and 1935 and have a raised relief design with ribbed or reeded edges. There is no mint mark on the reverse side of the coin, but 90% of 1924 Peace Dollar coins were minted in Philadelphia. More than 11,800,000 of these coins were minted.