How Do I Find Out If Someone Has Died in My House?

lina aidukaite/Moment/Getty Images

Finding out if someone has died in a particular house is possible through online resources such as, as explained by The Huffington Post. NOLO reveals that some states, such as California, also have disclosure requirements requiring a seller to reveal whether a death has occurred on the property.

NOLO describes the California requirement as applying only to disclosure of a known death on the property within three years prior to the potential buyer’s purchase offer. This must be disclosed in the state’s “Transfer Disclosure Statement.” However, if a potential buyer asks the seller directly about deaths on the property, the seller must still truthfully disclose the facts even if the occurrence was more than three years in the past. The legal requirements are available in California Civil Code Section 1710.2. Other states have similar requirements. allows users to search for recorded deaths by inputting any address and paying a fee of $11.99. The resulting report provides information about known owners, residents and associated people reported as deceased, including the location of death. It also includes information such as police reports, meth lab records, a flood zone map, registered sex offenders in the area, and newspaper articles that provide more details. The results are shown immediately and include a free follow-up in 30 days.